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2018 Official Film Selections!

Check out the great films showing at the 2018 Smoky Mountain Film Festival!

Missing Peace

Recently widowed Aaren (Clarisse Behr) is a young woman living alone on her farm in the mountains. As she struggles to create stability in her daily routine, Aaren wrestles with tasks for which she once relied on her husband. To aid with repairs around the farm, she enlists the help of Jack (Willy Adkins), an unassuming neighbor who has had to cope with the loss of his own wife.

Over the course of Jack’s frequent visits, his and Aaren’s feelings for each other grow, but Aaren is tentative about moving on. Spurred by words of fatherly wisdom from her cheeky neighbor, Paul (Chuck Winstead-Brown), Aaren is faced with a decisive question: should she try to pick up the pieces of her old life, or can she find the courage to build a new one?


Sarah's Dream 

Sarah’s Dream is a short film about a troubled and rebellious teenager who is haunted by the same recurring dream night after night. The situation becomes desperate when the voice of her dead ex-boyfriend joins the dream and won’t “let go”.


Five Piece 

When a metal band approaches a once-in-a-lifetime shot at success-a contest with a prize of $1,000,000 and a recording contract-all five players stand to finally escape marginal lives of subsisting and hoping in Hollywood. But as the hours count down to the contest, their gifted but troubled star member, drummer Brandon, becomes stranger and more belligerent. Unknown to the rest of the band, he carries a dark secret that will present the greatest battle that he, and his band, has ever faced.


It's New Year's Eve and Amy's first night alone providing on-call support for Essex Enterprises, a home security firm. When a bad storm knocks the company's servers offline, she calls Jake, a down-on-his-luck support technician. Jake shows her the real Essex: a high-tech piece of software capable of controlling hundreds of Smart Homes with the click of a button. Amy's hooked on it - and Jake's hooked on her.

Redneck Zombie  

Two Redneck Brothers living in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Starring Keith Brooks from Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7. Plays Dan on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode(s) 13, 15, & 16.

Somewhere in Beulah Land 

A portrait documentary about a young farmer and his first year learning how to love & care for a piece of land. Based in Beulah - Mt. Airy, NC

Speed Kills  

This film is a faith-based film about an all-girls youth basketball team that is determined to show the town council they won't take no for an answer. A teenage girl moves to a small town which is run by corrupt former male athletes. She didn't know that girls were forbidden to play sports, but through her love for the game of basketball and running into one of her idols, she convinces the girls of her church to stand their ground against the town council and the silly by-laws.


The Girl Who Saved Dan Landis  

A private detective is hired by an eight year old girl to find a missing teddy bear.

Games of Chance 

Two Criminals struggle to complete a job, but first they must overcome the challenges of their own dysfunctional relationship.


A young woman awakens in the woods, alone and covered in blood, with no memory of how she got there.

No Roads In 

Sound Engineer Adam Naugler was fascinated by a nearby abandoned homestead.

Hunkered against battering winter winds, adrift on summer wheat seas, the building was so forgotten the road in had long faded. Yet, year in and out, the building seemed, like a beacon, to call to him. A call to what ?

The Ripple Effect 

For every action, good or bad, there is an effect which radiates outward.

no name Maddox  

A young priest tries to help a 14-year-old Charles Manson.

The Art of Circus   

A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of two circus performers and teachers.

Saturn Returns    

Five college friends on the cusp of 30 reunite for a wedding weekend. When their long-lost sixth friend - the former best friend of the groom and soul mate of the bride - shows up uninvited and unexpected, they are each forced to reexamine their lives and choices.


Elly Albers, a shy college sophomore, decides to take part in a found-footage film. She quickly realizes that she has signed up for more than she can handle.

Geek Story   

Dave, a geek and hard core Star Trek Fan i.e. a Trekkie, struggles to escape the “Friend Zone” of his crush Jenny. Dave’s attempts to escape only decrease his chances because Jenny is put off by all his contrived and geeky approaches. Dave discovers that his best chance is not to hide his love of Star Trek but on the contrary Star Trek might be his escape route from the “Friend Zone” to Jenny’s heart.

The Chase   

Rush hour is about to take on a new meaning. Two cars race on the streets and freeways of Los Angeles, side by side, unleashed. 
A pure chase of muscle and speed. No CG. No rules. No stops. 
Just high-speed action like no other.


Jake, having lost his sister Mikaela to suicide and having witnessed it, now suffers from PTSD. In his struggle for healing, he encounters a suicidal young woman, Emma, and the two form a friendship that starts their path towards healing.


A film crew of two travels the southeastern United States to find out the truth about modern slavery, the role violence in sex work, and in the process learn its deeply entrenched history in western culture.

Self Defense   

 A story of a man who accidentally kills a woman when he breaks into a house. The woman's husband doesn't find forgiveness and loses his mind.

This is a short film about domestic crime and the damage it can cause in the lives of people around us.

This is Film Noir in color.

The Ruins    

THE RUINS is a horror story about a woman who is cursed by circumstance and her tragic past. Inspired by real-life ruins, isolated and haunted by fire.
A NYC psychiatrist - an advocate for the healing power of nature – struggles with PTSD. When it flares up, she decides to take her own advice and embarks on a hiking trip upstate. She checks into a hotel where she encounters a front-desk clerk who seems overly interested in her. After coming upon some ruins in the woods, her hallucinations become increasingly more horrific. The trip turns brutal, when the ruins hit too close to home.

Forty Miles to Macon     

Tyler Goforth’s "Forty Miles to Macon" is to Macon, Georgia as Merle Haggard’s "Okie from Muskogee" is to Muskogee, Oklahoma. This true story of Tyler’s visit to his ancestors is a reminder to us all to seek out our heritage and make every attempt to understand our history. More than a music video, "Forty Miles to Macon" is a short musical travelogue that highlights some of Georgia's historic places from The Old Mill in Juliette, Georgia, which was featured in the Oscar-nominated 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes, to Macon’s historic Riverside Cemetery, which was established in 1887. Tyler and his father had always talked about visiting Tyler's great-grandparents’ gravesite. Then, one sunny afternoon, the father-son pair picked up Tyler’s uncle in Jackson, Georgia and began the 40-mile road trip to the Riverside Cemetery. Tyler’s great-grandfather, Charles McKenzie Goforth, was a superintendent of a brick company in Macon, but had a calling later in life to become a traveling Baptist minister. Charles was one of 21 children and his father fought in the American Civil War. Charles’ wife, Annabelle Hall Goforth, was a homemaker and they had seven children. In "Forty Miles to Macon", we follow Tyler Goforth as he writes his Macon anthem while embarking on the trip once again.

15 Minute Sister     

Two unwilling sisters are forced to spend 15 minutes together.

Papaw at War     

My Grandfather fought in WWII. He passed away in 2013. This is his story.



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A young girl finds a stranger in her house.


2018 Screenplay Contest Finalists

Learn about our 2018 Smoky Mountain Screenplay Finalists below soon!

Bakery Ladies

WRITTEN BY  Lorraine Portman

A comedy in which a mysterious stranger orders the most bizarre cake from two seemingly sweet bakery ladies who pay a steep price when they refuse to make the cake.

Hell To Pay: The Legend of Robert Johnson

WRITTEN BY  Giancarlo Fusi

Following the death of his wife and baby during childbirth, a sharecropper's burning desire to be a famous Bluesman leads him to sell his soul to Satan at a Mississippi crossroads to become the greatest guitarist of all time. 


WRITTEN BY Elia Bei, Alessandro Lui

Vittoria and Matteo, a young couple in love, are planning their future. The unexpected release of a hard video where the girl betrays Matteo will change their lives forever. 

The Street Photographer 


An old street photographer makes portraits of people that literally change their lives.

Run On  

WRITTEN BY Chanley Rogers

When Shane cannot stand the abuse at home any longer, she does what she knows best; just keep running. Based on the poem of the same title by Amber Tamblyn, this 10 page short script explores the issues of child abuse, depersonalization, depression, and self loathing.

Even Cowgirls Love Retail  

WRITTEN BY Stacy Barton

Minnie wants to settle down. Can she?

The Breakable Shoes   

WRITTEN BY Jeanne Dukes

When a nine-year-old boy receives a disappointing present at his school's Christmas gift exchange, his mother shares the story of his grandmother's similar girlhood experience, challenging him to find thankfulness and joy in giving from the heart. Based on a true story that spans four generations and will speak to the child in all of us.



A young teen grapples with his feelings about an incident that took the life of his younger brother.


WRITTEN BY Brittany Johnson

When meeting the parents goes awry, Charles is forced to aid and abet in the unearthing of a corpse.

Southern Sirens    

WRITTEN BY Alicia Dutton

Every year without fail, middle aged ladies, Grace, Lilah, Celia, Kristin, and Bridget, have an all girls’ beach getaway. After checking in to the avant garde beachhouse, Atlantis, the five ladies begin drinking margaritas and divulging some of their biggest secrets to one another. 
In her luggage, Grace finds her husband’s pants wrapped up in her sarong. (It was a role playing thing.) In them, she finds a note from Dixie Lynn Lee, the local homewrecker, soliciting Grace’s husband, Preston, into an adulterous affair. 
The ladies rent a room at the seedy Rendezvous motel just down the beach and devise a way to lure Dixie Lynn to the beach under false pretenses. When Dixie Lynn, aka “The Dixie,” arrives at the beach, the disguised ladies convince her that Preston has requested that she be tied up so he can pretend she is a damsel in distress. “The Dixie” suggests that they tie her to the vibrating bed. The ladies all decide that the young tramp should know what it is to walk in their shoes, having made sacrifices of mind and body to create and care for their families. After trading in their feather and sequined Mardi Gras masks for a Dolly Parton costume, they individually enter the room to teach “The Dixie” a lesson. They each plot different ways to achieve this. 
While Dixie is being tortured by one of “the Dollies,” Grace comes in undisguised to rescue The Dixie and an ensuing orchestrated catfight with Lilah takes place. Dixie, riddled with guilt that her victim has now become her champion, vows to change her ways and decides to live at the beach and not return to Spartanburg where “the Dollies are always watching.” 

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